We're here for you

Nobody wants to go to the hospital or to the doctor voluntarily. Therefore, we try to make the trip as pleasant as possible. Let us take you to your doctor's visit, an outpatient treatment or surgery in the hospital, to dialysis, radiation / chemotherapy, or for inpatient treatment. We guarantee that your driver will be absolutely courteous and discreet. Even patients with foldable wheelchairs are no problem for us. Your driver will be happy to help you get in and out.

Who pays for the journey?

All rides must be prescribed in advance by a doctor and approved by your health insurance (there are exceptions, such as inpatient treatment trips). Please make a request to your insurance company and show the obtained approval to the driver. You are legally required to pay 10% of the transport costs of each journey, but not less than € 5 and not more than € 10 per journey. If the journey costs less than € 5, the fare itself must be paid. The additional charge is payable per journey, even if the vehicle is waiting for you. Please have the driver issue a receipt and hand them in collected form to your health insurance. The procedure for touritst may vary.

Important notice

For legal reasons we may not carry out the following journeys: emergency and accident journeys, patients with an infectious disease or suspicion (e.g. MRSA, MRGN, tuberculosis, influenza, etc.), and patients who, during transport, need special medical help.
In the event of a life-threatening medical emergency, contact the emergency number 112 immediately!