Don't drink and drive

Over and over serious traffic accidents happen because partygoers make the fatal decision to drive home drunk after celebrating. There were more than 12,000 alcohol accidents involving personal injury in Germany in 2016 alone. Tunnel vision, overconfidence and a prolonged reaction time are just a few of the effects of alcohol that can have terrible consequences when driving. And even as a drunk cyclist you have to expect a fine or worse. So please make the right decision. Don't drink and drive! Agree with your friends who takes on the role of driver before going to a party. Or get home safely and cheaply with a cab from City Taxi Memmingen.

Your event — your personal chauffeur

Offer your guests a very special service at your event. We are ready at the appointed time and take all your guests home safely. So nobody has to worry about the way home. We will be happy to hear from you via phone or e-mail.